"I believe there's a surfer in every human being. Everyone longs for freedom... and we help provide it for those willing to get a little sand in their shorts, salt in their eyes, and courage to walk on water.       are you ready to surf?"


Surf Lessons

Ready for the highlight of your vacation?!  We create an experience you and your crew will remember for a lifetime!  Myrtle Beach's small but consistent waves are the perfect learning grounds for a first time surfer.

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Jack's Surf Lessons And Board Rentals

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Bookings for Spring and Summer 2015 Now Available:


As Frank Deford said "The proof is in the pudding".  Lots of satisfied customers over the years and they're still lining up!  Our hand selected instructors have over 50 years combined experience and are simply the best around.  Oh and moms, don't fret.  Here at Jack's we are all first aid and CPR certified.  Not that it would ever come down to that, just thought we would put your mind at ease.